Secondary School Writing Centers in Practice

The Successful High School Writing Center Edited by Dawn Fels and Jennifer Wells

This book highlights the work of talented writing center teachers who share practices and lessons learned from today’s most important high school writing centers. The authors offer innovative methods for secondary educators who deal with adolescent literacy, English language learners, new literacies, embedded professional development, and differentiated instruction. The Successful High School Writing Center demonstrates how writing centers help school communities grapple with the realities that come with literacy education. Depicting real-life writing centers as leaders in literacy education, the accounts presented will enrich the work of secondary educators, writing tutors, and student writers in socially significant ways

The Age of Student-Run Writing Centers By Fairfax HS Principal Dave Goldfarb

In this article, Dave Goldfarb, a teacher-leader of the Northern Virginia Writing Project and Principal at Fairfax High School, outlines the strategic thinking involved in the development of a student-run writing center at school.

High School Writing Centers By Richard Kent

Richard Kent, author of A Guide to Creating Student-Staffed Writing Centers, Grades 6-12, has compiled this site, which includes articles, videos, books, and other online resources, to supplement his helpful guide for writing center directors.

Investing in Leadership: Student-Run Writing Centers By National Writing Project Radio

On February 28, 2013, site leaders and writing center conference coordinators from the NVWP discussed the power of student-run writing centers with the National Writing Project on NWP Radio. The one-hour radio show, titled “Investing in Leadership: Student-Run Writing Centers,” features NVWP Director Paul Rogers and Teacher Consultants Amber Jensen and Allison Hughes as well as Beth Blankenship, Ellen Reilly, and student tutors from Edison, Centreville, and Oakton high schools. Jensen, Hughes, and Blankenship are high school writing center directors among the coordinators of the annual high school writing center conference from George Mason University, Fairfax County Public Schools, and the Northern Virginia Writing Project. Ellen Reilly, Principal of McLean High School, has overseen the development of several writing centers in Northern Virginia high schools.

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