Why Join CAPTA?

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Join CAPTA, the fastest-growing Peer Tutoring Consortium in the United States!

 We welcome members from all of the following:

  • Established Secondary School Writing Centers
  • Brand New Secondary School Writing Centers
  • Postsecondary School Writing Centers
  • Independent parties interested in establishing and/or supporting writing centers in their educational institutions (Administrators, Department Chairs, Prospective Directors, Tutors, etc.)

Annual memberships for each organization will cost $55. 2015-2016 memberships expire on June 30, 2016. Additional fees will be announced for conference, retreat and special event registrations. All memberships are active for one academic year.

As a Member of CAPTA, your school will have access to:

  • An updated copy of Secondary Schools Writing Centers: A Resource Toolkit
  • Curriculum ideas for peer tutoring classes or training materials
  • An updated membership list with contact information
  • Professional support and community:

♦ Advocacy for sustaining and building legitimacy of peer tutoring centers (liaisons, statistics, and student, teacher and administration testimonials – provided in the Resource Toolkit).

♦ Participation in Mentorship program – You will automatically be enrolled into a K-16 team of centers to develop a network of peer tutors, center directors and school administrators. Each K-16 team will include at least two high schools and one college or university. Where applicable, the team will also contain a middle and elementary school.

  • The opportunity to submit writing for publication on the CAPTA blog
  • The opportunity to attend CAPTA conferences and events, including:

♦ Yearly leadership conference for tutors– held in fall or spring

♦ Yearly training conference for tutors – held in fall or spring

♦ Yearly retreat for directors, teachers  and administrators– spring or summer

  • The opportunity to run for an Executive Board position

Your membership fees cover: accounting assistance; fees required by the state or Federal government; website, newsletter, and mailing costs; operational fees; promotional materials; general materials and supplies; and possible grants for new or underfunded schools and/or tutors to attend CAPTA events.

Join CAPTA here.

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